ME 702 - Computational Fluid Dynamics - Video Lesson 6

NEW ! (August 2014) Prof. Barba is teaching a MOOC titled "Practical Numerical Methods with Python." [...]Check it out:


Practical module: “12 steps to the Navier-Stokes equations”. (Step 5) 2D linear convection. (Step 6) 2D convection. (Step 7) 2D diffusion (Step 8) Burgers’ equation.

*Please note:*
When pseudocode is shown —i.e., something that looks like code, but is not code— remember that it is not meant to be syntactically correct. It is written in a Matlab-esque way, but it is not Matlab code! (This course is taught using Python since 2010.)

This video is part of the open courseware prepared by Prof. Lorena A. Barba.

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