Combating Human Trafficking: A Pro Bono Trip to Cambodia

August 5, 2010

Two BU Law students, Libby Hugetz (‘12) and Candice Lang (‘10), recently took [...]part in a pro bono trip to Cambodia to work with SISHA, an anti human trafficking and exploitation organization. Over the course of two weeks, Hugetz and Lang worked on a number of different projects and helped provide the organization with legal advice.

“I'd been in Cambodia before,” Hugetz said. “And my experience in Cambodia before was that police are corrupt. The police were really really corrupt, nothing was going to ever get done with counter trafficking issues until something happened with the local police.” However, Hugetz said that with SISHA she saw something very unique in that they were actually working with the local police to teach them how to handle different types of situations.

One of the things Hugetz and Lang worked on during their trip was a project for women who live in slums near Phnom Penh. They drafted a concept paper for a training program which will teach these women about their legal rights. After returning to the States they learned that a group of women in Singapore were so impressed with the paper that they funded it immediately.

- photos by Libby Hugetz and Candice Lang, video and production by Casey Atkins

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