Minor in Marine Science

peter&snakeFive courses are required for a minor concentration in Marine Science. The grade in each these courses must be C or higher to receive credit towards the minor. All minor concentrators develop their programs in consultation with a BUMP faculty advisor. For more information contact either the Director of the BU Marine Program, Biology Professor John Finnerty (jrf3@bu.edu), the Associate Director, Earth and Environment Professor Fulweiler (rwf@bu.edu), or the BUMP Program Manager, Julia Mendez (hammer@bu.edu).

The five courses for the minor can be any five of the marine science courses offered by the departments of Biology, Earth Sciences, and Geography & Environment as part of the Marine Science concentration. Directed Study courses are not eligible. Thus, the five courses are drawn from the following (* indicates course offered during the Marine Semester):

From Biology: BI 260, BI 423 (same as ES 423), BI/GE 523*, BI 531*, BI 532*, BI 536*, BI 539*, BI 546*, BI 547*, BI 550*, BI 558*, BI 563*, BI 569*, BI 578 (same as GE 578)*.

From Earth Sciences: ES 144, ES 423 (same as BI 423); one of ES 331, ES 440, or ES 541; ES 507 (same as GE 507), ES 557*, ES 558* (same as BI 558)

From Geography and Environment: GE 507, GE 578 (same as BI 578)*.