Estuaries and Nearshore Systems

CAS ES 543

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Professor Sergio Fagherazzi

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    Surveying the shoreline

    A student in ES543 surveys the shoreline at the Plum Island Long Term Ecological Research site.

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    Scientific poster presentation

    Students in ES543 stand in front of the poster describing their research into wave action and the topography of Plum Island.

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    Walking the tidal creek

    A student in ES 543 investigates the bed of a tidal creek at low tide.

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    Damage from Hurricane Sandy

    A student in ES 543 surveys shoreline erosion left in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

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    The effects of fertilizer on the marsh

    ES 543 students study how fertilizer impacts the plant community of the salt marsh and its effect on shoreline erosion.

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    A transect through the salt marsh

    A student in ES 543 uses a transect to systematically characterize the plant life of the marsh.

Course Description

Physical and and ecological processes interacting in estuarine and nearshore environments, including salt marshes, beaches, lagoons, deltas, and in wave- and tide-dominated regimes. Lectures complemented by extensive field work orientated toward individual and group research projects.

Recent syllabus: ES 543 Estuaries Syllabus 2015

Recent student projects:

Research Project 2012

Additional costs: This course does involve several day-long trips in the field. All transportation costs for these trips are covered by BU tuition.