Coastal Biogeochemistry


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Prof. Robinson Fulweiler

Course Description

An introduction to biogeochemistry in marine systems with a focus on the impact humans have on altering nutrient cycling and energy flows. Students will learn cutting edge biogeochemical techniques as well as how to plan and carry out biogeochemical field measurements. In addition, students will learn how to design biogeochemical experiments that will help them answer questions about how humans have altered biogeochemical cycles.  Fieldwork will be conducted on wetlands in Plum Island Sound and on Cape Cod in the Waquoit Bay estuary during the month of October.  Students will characterize these systems in terms of their biogeochemistry and they will quantify human impacts on these processes.

Research Project listings: Fall 2011

Additional costs: This course does involve several day-long trips in the field. All transportation costs for these trips are covered by BU tuition.