Maria Abate (mabate@bu.edu)
Visiting Researcher, BU Department of Biology
Assistant Professor, Simmons College
PhD, Northeastern University, 1998
Marine ecology, fish biology, evolution and genomics, animal behavior.

Jelle Atema (atema@bu.edu)
Professor of Biology
PhD, University of Michigan, 1969
Sensory biology, animal behavior, receptor physiology, behavioral ecology, robotics.

Bruce Anderson (brucea@bu.edu)
Associate Professor of Geography and Environment
PhD, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, 1998
Regional climate modeling; impacts of climate variability; Atmospheric dynamics and hydrodynamics.

Jennifer Bender (ferre@alum.bu.edu)
Lecturer, BU Marine Program
PhD, Boston University, 2005
Coastal policy, integration of science into policy and decision-making, decision support tools, NGO administration.

Peter Buston (buston@bu.edu)
Assistant Professor of Biology
PhD, Cornell University, 2002
Ecology, evolution and behavior of coral reef fishes.

John D. Crawford (jdc003@bu.edu)
Research Fellow, Biology and Pew Environment Group
PhD, Cornell University, 1989
Marine conservation biology, ecology, resource management, animal behavior and sensory physiology.

Sergio Fagherazzi (sergio@bu.edu)
Associate Professor of Earth Sciences
PhD, University of Padua, Italy, 1999
Coastal and marine geology, geomorphology, and hydrology.

John R. Finnerty (jrf3@bu.edu)
Associate Professor of Biology and Director, BUMP
PhD, University of Chicago, 1994
Evolutionary ecology and organismal biology.

Duncan M. FitzGerald (dunc@bu.edu)
Associate Professor of Earth Sciences
PhD, University of South Carolina, 1977
Shallow marine geology and the coastal zone to the inner continental shelf.

Robinson W. Fulweiler (rwf@bu.edu)
Assistant Professor of Earth Sciences and Associate Director, BUMP
PhD, University of Rhode Island, 2007
Coastal ecology, nutrient biogeochemical cycling in wetlands and near-shore ocean environments, climate change.

Sucharita Gopal (suchi@bu.edu)
Professor of Geography and Environment & Center for Remote Sensing
PhD, University of California, Santa Barbara, 1988
Neural networks in GIS and remote sensing, spatial analysis and multi-scale modeling, and information technology.

Les Kaufman (lesk@bu.edu)
Professor of Biology
PhD, Johns Hopkins University, 1980
Evolution and conservation of aquatic species, ecological plasticity, and fish ecology.

Andrew C. Kurtz (kurtz@bu.edu)
Assistant Professor, Director of Graduate Studies, Earth Sciences
PhD, Cornell University, 2000
Biogeochemical cycles, Earth surface processes and Earth history.

Phillip S. Lobel (plobel@bu.edu)
Professor of Biology
PhD, Harvard University, 1979
Ichthyology, behavior ecology and taxonomy of fishes.

David C. Mountain (dcm@bu.edu)
Professor of Biomedical Engineering
PhD, University of Wisconsion, 1978
Marine biomechanics, auditory processing of complex sounds, cochlear biomechanics, and underwater robotics.

Richard W. Murray (rickm@bu.edu)
Professor, Earth Sciences
PhD, University of California at Berkeley, 1991
Marine geochemistry, oceanography, and climate history.

Randi Rotjan (rrotjan@neaq.org)
Lecturer, Biology
PhD, Tufts University, 2007
Urban Marine Ecology, Coral Reef Ecosystems

Sidney L. Tamm (tamm@bu.edu)
Professor of Biology
PhD, University of Chicago, 1966
Cell biology and motility; cytoskeleton, nervous, and ionic control of cilia; protozoan motility; cell junctions.

Brooke Wikgren (bwikgren@bu.edu)
Lecturer, Geography and Environment
M En., Miami University, 2010
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the marine environment.