Laura Vincent Research Award

Award Description: 

This gift is to establish the Lara D. Vincent Research Assistance Fund, to be used to provide support for undergraduates enrolled as Marine Science Majors or Minors in the College of Arts and Sciences, for the purposes of supporting their research, including but not limited to stipends, travel expenses, conference expenses, research supplies, publishing expenses and related needs. Funds may be expended at the discretion of the BU Marine Program Director, in consultation with the Program faculty. 

Application Procedure: 

Students should submit a 1 page application to the Program Director describing their need for this research support. The following must be included in each application: 

1) Describe your research. 

2) Describe how these funds will allow you to conduct your research. 

3) Describe what funds are available for your research, and why you are requesting support. 

4) Provide a detailed budget outlining how the funds will be spent. 

The student’s research mentor should provide a brief statement on why the funds are needed. If awarded, the student agrees to the following: 

  • You and your research will be highlighted on the program website. 
  • You will write a hand written thank you note the Vincent’s, a copy must be submitted to the Director and to our Program Manager. 
  • Any presentations (oral or poster) or publications by the student or anyone using the results from the students research (e.g., graduate student mentor, faculty mentor) must acknowledge the support from this research fund (This research was supported in part by the Lara D. Vincent Assistance Fund). 

Up to $500 may be requested by a student per semester. Incomplete applications will be returned without review, and the student is ineligible to apply again for one semester. 

Please send complete applications to: Pete Buston, BU Marine Program Director, Julia Hammer Mendez, BU Marine Program Manager, 

Due Date: Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, and funds will be disseminated as available. Students may receive funding once per academic year and no more than three times over the course of their tenure at BU. 

Application Review Procedure: The Program Director, in consultation with at least two other marine program faculty, will review the application. If funds are available, then the application will be reviewed using these criteria: 

  • Is the science clearly explained? 40% 
  • Is the budget clear and well justified? 30% 
  • Is there a clear need? 20% 
  •  Is the first time a student will be receiving these funds? 5%