Prerequisites & How to Apply

Application for Fall 2014 Marine Semester is now available

Application for BU Students - PDF (BU login & Kerberos password required)
Non-BU students see below and contact for materials.

General Prerequisites
One Marine Breadth Course (see Undergraduate Program for courses)
At least Junior class standing*

(*those students wishing to participate without junior standing must get consent from the Director of BUMP)

Application Materials

IF YOU ARE A BUMP STUDENT: submit a completed application form and an unoffical transcript.

IF YOU ARE A BU STUDENT, BUT NOT A BUMP CONCENTRATOR: submit a completed application form, an unofficial transcript, a brief (no more than 1 page) personal statement describing why you want to attend the Marine Semester, and the name and contact information of one professor or TF who could recommend you for the Marine Semester.

IF YOU ARE NOT A BU STUDENT: All interested non-BU students must contact BUMP at (617) 358-4961 or for application materials.  Also, visit the BU Admissions Visiting Students page for additional information.