CAS BI 569 Tropical Marine Invertebrates

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Prof. John Finnerty

Next offering: Fall 2018

This course examines the diversity of marine animals. We focus on major evolutionary innovations that occurred during the 600 million year history of animals and contemporary ecological processes that shape coastal marine communities. Topics include major features of body plans (multicellularity, symmetry, paired appendages, etc.), reproductive strategies (sex, asexual propagation, regeneration, etc.), trophic strategies (infaunal filter feeders, pelagic predators, parasites), and the responses of marine animals to environmental challenges, both natural and anthropogenic.

In the laboratory portion of the course, students will collaborate to survey the invertebrate biodiversity of two important shallow-water habitats in and around Wee Wee Cay: seagrass beds and mangrove.

Syllabus: BI569_Syllabus2016

Additional costs and considerations: This course includes 12 days at Calabash Caye Field Station in Belize. BU tuition does cover all housing and food costs while in Belize. Students are responsible for round trip airfare from Boston to Belize City, which is organized by the BU Marine Program.