CAS ES 577 Oceanography of Stellwagen Bank

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Rick Murray

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Fall 2014 Marine Semester

Fall 2012 Syllabus

This course is for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students interested in oceanography, marine biogeochemistry, and the relationships between how physical variables such as bathymetry of the seafloor and the physics of seawater are related to biogeochemical parameters such as nutrient (C, N, P, Si) distributions.

The course is taught with strong logistical collaboration with NOAA’s Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, located in Scituate, MA. Approximately 50% of the meeting time, including staging for and participation on day-long research cruises, will be on-site at NOAA facilities in Scituate, MA. The field component will consist of multiple day-long trips to Stellwagen Bank, located off the northern tip of Cape Cod, on board the Sanctuary’s 50-foot research vessel Auk.

Additional costs: This course does involve several day-long trips in the field. All transportation costs for these trips are covered by BU tuition.

NOAA Research Vessel Auk
NOAA Research Vessel Auk