Artwork Contest

Boston University’s Social Adjustment and Bullying Prevention Lab is looking for new artwork to be featured on their publications and website!

Use your creativity to design a piece of artwork that reflects anti-bullying and friendship!

If your design wins:

–        Your design will be featured on the lab’s publications and website!

–        You will win a BU water bottle!

–        You will be invited for an interview to be featured on our website.

Follow these steps to enter:

1. Think of an image, picture, symbol, or design that represents what anti-bullying and

friendship means to you.

2. Use a computer or hand-draw an image that is 2 inches by 3 inches in size (an

example of this size is in the link entitled Guidelines for Artwork Contest at the bottom).

3. Save your computer image, or the scanned copy of your hand drawn image as either a jpg, gif, pdf or word document.

4. Submit your artwork by e-mail to Melissa Holt at


If you have any questions, then please send an email to

Artwork Contest Flyer

Artwork Contest Guidelines