Eva S. Nilsen
Page 1037

The Role of the Judge in the Twenty-First Century
Richard A. Posner
Page 1049

Seeing the Emperor’s Clothes: Recognizing the Reality of Constitutional Decision MakingErwin Chemerinsky
Page 1069

The Role of Law in Close Cases: Some Evidence from the Federal Courts of Appeals
Ward Farnsworth
Page 1083

The Real Roles of Judges
Michael Boudin
Page 1097

Whither and Whether Adjudication?
Judith Resnik
Page 1101

Securing the Normative Foundations of Litigation Reform
Robert G. Bone
Page 1155

Re-Examining Mediator and Judicial Roles in Large, Complex Litigation: Lessons fromMicrosoft and Other Megacases
Eric D. Green
Page 1171

Judges as “Amateur Scientists”
David L. Faigman
Page 1207

Inside the Bankruptcy Judge’s Mind
Jeffrey J. Rachlinski, Chris Guthrie, Andrew J. Wistrich
Page 1227

What’s Old Is New Again
Michael J. Gerhardt
Page 1267

Identifying “Independence”
Sanford Levinson
Page 1297

The Judicial Role in National Security
Stephen Reinhardt
Page 1309

Civil Liberties v. National Security in the Law’s Open Areas
Geoffrey R. Stone
Page 1315

“A Shining City on a Hill:” American Exceptionalism and the Supreme Court’s Practice of Relying on Foreign Law
Steven G. Calabresi
Page 1335

Our Law, Their Law, History, and the Citation of Foreign Law
David J. Seipp
Page 1417

Predicting the Future of Empirical Legal Studies
James Lindgren
Page 1447

What Will Determine the Role of the Judiciary in the Twenty-First Century?
Juan R. Torruella
Page 1461