Supply Order Tips

First, you should take an inventory of what you have in stock.  Put these into an excel document.  Then, using the different supply websites (below), find part numbers and prices.  Set up columns and equations such that when you type in a number of each part to order, a cost is calculated automatically.  This will help with the next step, which is deciding how much of each thing to order.  Have a loose idea of your overall budget when you do this.  Go through the most important items first, and then see how much money you have left to order the things that aren’t absolutely essential.  Another way to save money is to wait to order things until there is a sale happening.  Many of the supply companies have great sales on different types of items every few days that can help save your team lots of money!

Main Supply Sites:

McMaster-Carr: Good for raw materials and some tools.

MSC Supply Co: Good for general supplies and tools.

BoltDepot: Great selection of screws and bolts at good prices.

SmallParts: Raw materials, general supplies, etc…

Innovation FIRST Inc.: Wheels, electronics

J&L Industrial Supply: Tools

Other Supply Sites: for tetrix parts electronics

Domino’s Pizza: for fueling the humans


PowerWerx: Anderson Pole Connectors motors and gearboxes cloth for bumpers | Pneumatics | Gaffers Tape | Motors for FTC | Tools

Diigit Robotics | FIRST Store