General Build Tips

Be safe! Before doing any work in the lab, be sure that everyone is trained on any tools being used. Click here to see Team 246’s safety quiz, which you are free to use or modify!

Before searching through the FIRST Manuals below, try looking at our own shortened manual. It provides the key facts in a more concise way.

The official FIRST Competition Manuals (& Related Docs) are located here

The official FIRST page with lots of technical manuals & diagrams is located here

Click here for 2012 FRC LabVIEW updates

Click here for 2012 FRC C++ updates

The Robot Data Connectivity Diagram is a good thing to look at before wiring your electronics board.

The Control System Signal Diagram shows all of the connections for getting signal to each component of the electronics board.

The 2012 Control System Manual is a programmer’s dream. It outlines how to set everything up in the first place, and it is a good troubleshooting resource for when things break.

The cRIO Manual is a good thing to look at if you are having code issues, if looking at the 2012 Control System Manual hasn’t solved your problem.

The 2012 Pneumatics Manual walks you through each of the pneumatics parts, and contains circuit diagrams to help you assemble a pneumatics system properly.

Rookies: Read through our crate building guide, or watch our crate building video: