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Annual Review 2014!

August 27th, 2014 in 2013-2014 Season 0 comments

Hi, everyone!

Here is this year’s Annual Review: 2014 Annual Review

We can’t wait for the 2014-2015 season!

FRC 2/1/14 Update

February 2nd, 2014 in 2013-2014 Season, Build 0 comments

Last week, we completed a prototype shooter. It shoots well, and we decided to go with that design. Throughout last week, we CADed the robot and now how have most of the robot CAD complete.

We also made a sick chassis, which you should all see if you haven't seen it. It's painted black and dropped. We finished it yesterday and since then have had ample opportunity to test drive code.

Today, we started building the shooter and have been making slow yet steady progress. Hopefully, the superstructure will be complete tomorrow.

FRC 1/15/14 Update

January 16th, 2014 in 2013-2014 Season, Build 0 comments

So we've been making good progress so far. Since the last update, we have made a decent shooter and mounted it on the robot. It can shoot fairly well and it should be able to pick up if we able to angle it downwards - the final idea is to have piston moving it up and down.

But there is still a lot of work to be done with the shooter:

• Flip the supports
• Tighten screws
• Truss supports
• Wire the victor so we can change the current
• Mount the piston (Emily should buy 10-28 nuts today so we can do it)

We also removed some gearboxes from the 2012 robot, so we can get working on the El Toro clone soon!

FRC 1/7/14 Update

January 8th, 2014 in 2013-2014 Season, Build 0 comments

Today, we've been thinking of ways to pickup and ways to throw.

A catapult seems to be a decent shooter mechanism, and we got a prototype working. The next steps for tomorrow are to try out different angles (and maybe pistons as well), to maybe get an even better height! (and we should also measure the height). Also, we should test at accuracy.

We can also experimented with flipping the piston and using the elasticity of surgical tubing to power the catapult.

As for picking up, we should start prototyping tomorrow. One possible idea is real simple: two pieces of angle and a motor to suck the ball in between the pieces. Another possible path would be to have a pick-up design based on the Boom Done method

After we test out some more prototypes, we should get a sense of what may work and begin CADing designs. Also, at that point, we should know the dimensions of the chassis so we can start building that.

FRC Discussions, 1/6/14

January 6th, 2014 in 2013-2014 Season, Build 0 comments

This year we have quite a unique game, and even a possibility of an add-on mid season. How exciting!

Today we had a preliminary discussion on the design of the robot and started making groups for work to be done. We loved simbotics' 2008 robot ( and thought a manipulator based on that would be cool. For throwing, it seems like it is best to use a linear actuator or a catapult-type device, as high speed wheels (as in 2013 and 2012) don't seem to have enough power to launch the ball this year.

We also decided that picking up would be truly necessary this year. Two ideas to get this done are an arm (such as Simbotics', or a one consisting of two hula hoop-type shapes for easiest pickup) and a rectangle with a spinning wheel (such as one of the Robot in 3 days designs had)


Major issues that need to be discussed tomorrow:

  1. Chassis: dimensions, drivetrain (we're leaning towards mecanum, but size is the question. We have 8" wheels,  but 6" or 4" may be better)
  2. Ideas for manipulators (picking up, throwing)