FIRST World Championship Years









VEX World Championship



FIRST Robotics:

Xerox Creativity Award, FIRST District Championship Event – 2016

Engineering Inspiration Award, FIRST UMass Dartmouth District Event – 2016

Innovation in Control Award, FIRST North Shore District Event – 2016

Excellence in Engineering Award, Beantown Blitz

Dean’s List Finalist Award (Evelyn Huang), FIRST District Championship Event – 2015

Finalist, FIRST UMass Dartmouth District Event – 2015

Excellence in Engineering, FIRST UMass Dartmouth District Event – 2015

Winner, FIRST North Shore District Event – 2015

The Quality Award was presented to us in the form of a poem:

This team is not afraid to “tweet.”
The judges think it’s sweet.
But it takes a solid robot to win this award.
Good planning and design lead to high points scored.
When this team hit the floor, it grew loud.
Their “Scorpion” mode pleased the crowd.
Securing the Quality award is not just a wish
If you base your decisions on a bird eating a fish!

Congratulations to Team 246!

Xerox Creativity Award, FIRST Granite State District Event – 2015

Xerox Creativity Award, FIRST Northeastern District Event – 2014

Winner, FIRST Boston Regional – 2012

The Chairman’s Award was presented to us in the form of a poem:

From members to mentors, this team has it together,
A third of the school can attest that it’s better,
To join the FIRST team than to do like “whatever”,
They rock the block with robots at the museum,
The kids all lit up when they got to see them,
They had zest for Greenfest eco-friendly bulbs in their lab,
And reached out to girls to try science in Cambridge,
They launched an experiment in a padded flying cavity,
To test science theories by altering gravity,
For new teams in Boston your chances are better,
Because they are there with money and mentors,
Outside of the hub they are beginning to see,
The powerful force a FIRST team can be,
If you come from afar, this team will assist you,
With shipping and storing, the least they can do,
To a far land they sent a filter for water,
To make drinking safe for global sons and world daughters,
With the virtues of FIRST they are clearly well stocked,
So let’s give it up for Boston’s own Overclocked!

Congratulations to the regional Chairman’s Award winner, Team 246!

FIRST Website Excellence Award – 2012

About the Chairman’s Award

‎”The Chairman’s Award honors the team that ‘best represents a model for other teams to emulate, and which embodies the goals and purpose of FIRST’. It remains FIRST’s most prestigious award.”

This award was presented to us in the form of this poem:
“This team has gone big and has outreach and ideals,
they helped other teams make FIRST dreams become real.
With mentors and kids from closeby and afar,
their many good deeds make this team who they are.
Their work spreads worldwide,
they have sponsors galore,
they have spirit and drive,
they can’t be ignored.
They are hard to describe while still making this rhyme,
but most simply put, they’ve worked overtime,
because they’re OVERCLOCKED!”

Video of us receiving the award

Chairman's Award

For two years in a row, we won the Massachusetts High Technology Leadership Council’s “Above and Beyond Award” for our outstanding work with the community. The focus of this award was our work with VEX robotics, which includes hosting workshops and running events.

We won the National Science Teachers Association Toyota Tapestry award for our work with Engineers Without Borders.

Engineering Inspiration Award, FIRST Boston Regional – 2007

Johnson and Johnson Good Sportsmanship Award, FIRST Boston Regional – 2006

Outstanding Defense Award, FIRST Johnson & Johnson Mid-Atlantic Regional – 2000

Rookie All-Star Award, FIRST Johnson & Johnson Mid-Atlantic Regional -1999

VEX Robotics:

Design Award Hopkinetics Starstruck January  Qualifier Tourney – 2017

Tournament Champions Boston University Academy VEX Fall Scrimmage  -2017

Tournament Semi-finalists Southern New England Championships 2015

Tournament Champions Boston High School VEX Qualifier 2015

Tournament Finalists BVT VEX Skyrise competition 2015

We had the highest programming skills score at the New England Championship, which qualified us for the 2014 VEX World Championship in Anaheim, CA.

Think Award, New England Championship – 2014

Excellence Award, QCC Regional – 2014

Tournament Champions, New Hampshire Wrap Up2014

Tournament Champions BU Academy Qualifier – 2014

Design Award, New Hampshire Wrap Up-2014

Design Award BU Academy Qualifier – 2014

Judges Award, Rhode Island Regional – 2014

Tournament Champion Boston University Qualifier 2013