Alex Barden

Alex Barden is a senior at BUA, usually called by his last name to avoid ambiguity. He has participated on the team since his sophmore year when he came to BUA. He works many jobs on the team, from mechanical design and construction on the robot to electronics and computer hardware maintenance. Alex plans to study electrical engineering in college, but for now is excited for the 2012 FRC season. Go 246!

Nima Badizadegan

Nima is a senior at BUA, and is currently the captain of programming for team 246. He plans to study computer science at CalTech next fall. Outside of his work on the robotics team, Nima also does competitive data analytics.

Alex Borgestedt

I am a senior at Boston University Academy, and have been on the team since freshman year. I usually work on the mechanical aspects of the robot; however, I do still branch out and help with the electronics. I am interested physics and international relations. I don’t particularly like talking about myself, so that explains why this is so short.

Ricky Housely

Ricky Housely is a senior. He was a Vice Captain of Team 246 in the 2011 season. He is also the Captain of the soccer team and a MBIL All Star. He worked two summers at the U-Design camp for robotics outreach. He has placed at the Mass State Science and Engineering Fair 6 years in a row, and has won it five of those years. He has worked at two different BU labs with one paid position. Most importantly, he has a patent pending for a “Convulsive Seizure Detection and Notification System”.

Jordyn Whitman

Jordyn Whitman has been a part of Team 246 Overclocked for four years, although the actual time within those four years may vary seeing as she is legendary for an attention span that is only rivaled by that of squirrels. Or Joe Hoffman. Similar to squirrels, Jordyn has a great fear of artificial intelligence. For this reason she rarely ventures near contraption that is our robot. Instead she chooses to focus on being the best Self-Proclaimed Spirit-Leader and Coordinator she can be. She also enjoys blogging for the team’s website. Outside of robotics Jordyn enjoys spending her time as the captain and coxswain of the BU Academy crew team and as a barista at Starbucks.

Joe Hoffman

Joseph Hoffman, a senior, enjoys both the electrical and mechanical aspects of building the robot. He is an FRC vice captain and is enjoying his 4th season on the team. This season he is looking forward to building another robot and is excited for the competition.

Matthew Rajcok

Matthew Rajcok used to be a programmer for the FRC Team. However, for the 2011-2012 season, he has been at the head of our FTC Team, Team 4222.

Patrick Straight

Patrick Straight is currently a senior at BUA. He looks forward to returning to the team for his third year after having taken a break from robotics as a junior. He works on the mechanical aspects of the robot, designing and building different systems. Patrick plans to study mechanical engineering, physics, and philosophy in college. Go 246!!!

Perry Hatchfield

H.Perry Hatchfield is a senior at BUA. He has been part of team 246 since his freshman year. Beyond Robotics, he is a captain of the fencing team and he runs the BUA physics discussion club. He is looking forwards to another amazing season with such an awesome team.

Sarah Hyman ’12

Sarah is a senior who hopes to study engineering as an undergraduate. Sarah has been on FIRST team 246 since her freshman year and is very excited to continue on the team!! In addition to robotics and engineering, Sarah is interested in music and American Literature.

Will Persampieri

Will is a senior who will study engineering as an undergraduate at Dartmouth College next fall. In addition to mechanical work, he works on the electronics of the robot. He also assists in the maintenance of the team website, and is responsible for designing many of the team’s printed publications as well. Additionally, he works on fundraising for the team.

Will also plays ultimate and runs cross country, where he recently set 4 course records and won the championship meet.

Andrew Connors

Andrew is in the Class of 2013 and has been on the robotics team doing mechanical and electrical work since his freshman year. He drove at the Boston regional and at the national championship in 2011, and was a vice captain when the team went to St. Louis again in 2012. This year, Andrew is a captain as the team pursues a third trip to nationals. He has worked in two physics research laboratories at Boston University to complement his involvement in robotics. Andrew also participates in chess club, student council, and crew. He is a captain on the science team, and vice president of student council. He also enjoys reading and community service!

Harrison Krowas

Harrison has been on the team all four years since he entered BUA. Before being named captain, he worked extensively on the mechanical development of the FRC robot. This year, his responsibilities have expanded to coordinating outreach events, heading up the development of both the FTC and FRC robots, and organizing team structure, all with help from the other captains.

Victor Orlov

Victor Orlov (captain) is a senior at Boston University Academy. Victor’s responsibilities on the team include PR, logistics, outreach, and photo/video. He is excited to lead the team this season and hopes that his senior year will culiminate in a third trip to Saint Louis, MO! When not working on everything 246, Victor practices diplomacy in Model UN, makes a fool of himself on stage with the Drama Club, and edits the BU Academy Yearbook. Tick-tock, Overclocked!

Leah Magid

Leah is a senior at BUA and is thrilled for her third year on Team 246! After two incredible trips to Championships in St. Louis, she is excited to work towards another successful season. Besides her interest in robotics, Leah is also an active member of the drama club and an editor of the Yearbook club.

Phill Giliver

Phill is a Senior at BU Academy and is looking forward to another great season with Team Overclocked! After the day ends, Phill likes to relax by donning black spandex, wearing his cape, and fighting criminals in the depravity that we call society.

Caroline O’Leary

Caroline is a current senior at BU Academy, and has been a proud member of Overclocked for the past three years. She can’t wait to see what 246 can do this year, and looks forward to working with everyone on the team again!

Matt Zenzie

Born and raised in Massachusetts, an avid programmer, snowboarder, and part time farmer, Matt enjoys the finer things in life. When not writing nifty bits of code, he can often be found wandering Boston or somewhere in Canada.

Eddie Esquivel

Eddie Esquivel is currently a junior at Boston University Academy. He is thrilled to be back for his third season of the FIRST Robotics Competition. He thoroughly enjoys all fields of science; for it manages to explain even the most complex and abstruse phenomena of the world. Particularly interested in engineering, he focuses primarily on the mechanical aspects of the robot. He loved going to the 2011 FIRST Championships in St. Louis, and hopes to go again this year.

Nathan Hyde

Nathan is a senior at BUA, and this is his third year on the robotics team. He had a lot of fun at the championship competition in St. Louis and is excited for another fantastic year for the team. Nathan is also involved in the science team and tennis team at BUA.

Pauline Demirev

Pauline is a senior and has been on the Overclocked Team 246 since sophomore year. She went to the Nationals in St. Louis this spring with the team. She enjoys helping out however she can on the team and has had a fun time with everyone on the team.

Danny Gorelik

Danny is a senior at Boston University Academy and it is his fourth year on the robotics team. He has worked on all areas of design and fabrication of a robot for the FIRST Robotics Competition, teaching younger students on the way. Also, he has led outreach and fundraising efforts, and organized various events. Finally, he designed this website and many of the team’s printed publications.

Jacob Fucci

Jacob Fucci is a senior on the team and has been working on electronics for the robot. He also programs the robot during the FRC season. Besides robotics, he plays goalie for the soccer team in the fall and plays the guitar outside of school.

Zach Biletch

Zach does electronics for the team. He is very dedicated to the team and works 5 days a week. He also works on mechanical fabrication and programming.

Cathryn Hart

The Formal Stuff: I have been on the team since freshman year. I have gone to world championships in St. Louis with the team twice, once as the human player. I focus mostly on designing and building, but I am slowly learning some programming, which I hope will help this year’s bot.

The Other Stuff: I am also the captain of the soccer team, play both ultimate and basketball, and am a peer advisor. When I have the time, I write for literary magazine, and I spend my school breaks traveling and hiking.

The Fun Stuff: My favorite comic is xkcd ( I would like to see a FIRST team attempt to enter a DARPA robot in the next season or so (if there were world – not to mention funding – enough and time, as it is sure to win.

Finally, I feel that I should leave the reader with a pointless quote that not only sums up my life, but also makes everyone’s day a little more fun: “We are all worms, but I do believe that I am a Glow-worm” – W. Churchill.

Abraham Maalouf

I started participating in FIRST competitions with the FLL in middle school. I always loved Legos, so I tried it, had fun, and continued into high school. And now, here I am, on the BUA Robotics team.

Alexander Hubik

Alexander is almost certain someone from a college admissions office will read this, but so will his friends from home. He’s pretty bad at that kind of balancing act, so he hopes you’ll find his cop-out witty. He likes such activities as ministering to his eternally malfunctioning fossils which pass for computers, and sleeping when he gets the opportunity.

Dennis Cherchenko

Dennis Cherchenko is an inspired senior at Boston University Academy. Involved in robotics since freshman year, he has had to balance being a part of the BUA’s robotics F.I.R.S.T. Team 246, attending University classes with college students at BU, and an hour long commute to and fro. Having gone to St. Louis with his team two years in a row, Dennis hopes to take home the national chairman’s this year.

Audrey Wang

Audrey is a senior at Boston University Academy and this is her fourth year in the robotics team. She is interested in combining art, music, and engineering, so she hopes to learn more of the third by participating in robotics. Also, she helps organize the team’s Youtube page. Audrey went with the team to St. Louis both her first and second year in robotics, and is looking forward to go again.

Gadiel Sznaier-Camps

Gadi is a senior who loves building things and enjoys physics. This will be his fourth year as part of the team 246 Overclocked. Previously, he helped to create the Auto CAD design of the robot, and acted as an assistant referee in the VEX practice match before the competition. Besides going to Robotics he also goes to the club of nerdly games and hobbies and will join the sailing club in the spring. He attended the St. Louis national competition last year and hopes to return this year.

David Lax

David Lax is a senior at Boston University Academy. He did a lot of work on mechanical FRC and FTC design and building last year, and also helped design the autonomous mode plans for both competitions. He went to nationals with Team 246 in 2012 and had a blast meeting other teams and helping cheer on the BUA Drive Team. He is really excited for the season to start up again, and can’t wait for all the competitions and building!

Joey Saliba

Joey is currently working on a Vex robot with his friends Loch, Johan, and José, as well as his brother Abraham…

Our bot will be the very best, like no bot ever was.

To win the contest is our real test, the glory is our cause, DUN-DUN-DUN

They have traveled across the lab, searching far and wide

for each robot, to understand the power that’s inside.


Oh, it’s you and me, I know it’s our destiny,

Oh, we’re all best friends, in a world we must defend,


a team so cool, our courage will pull us through.

You teach me and I’ll teach you,

OVERCLOCKED, gotta build ’em all!

Johan Thomas

Interested in math and science, Johan is a senior at BUA and has spent four years on team 246 Overclocked. He attended the St. Louis national competition and is excited to go again.

Kevin Robehr

Biography N/A

Nate MacFadden

Biography N/A

Ilya L. Yudkovich

Ilya is a senior on the robotics team and is responsible for helping to test the robot, and generally helps out the team.

Colin Hegarty

Colin Hegarty is an twelfth grader at BUA. He brings some experience to the table, having been on the championship winning VEX robotics team in Melrose in past years. When Colin isn’t spending time with Team 246, he enjoys doing calculus and playing with his dog Ziggy.

Remy Kaldawy

Remy Kaldawy is senior at BUA who has done robotics since his freshman year. His greatest interest is in mechanical engineering and CAD, and he works in both VEX and FRC. He loves to both design and construct robots. Remy also plays the drums, is part of the rocket team, and plays video games.

Nell White

Nelll is a senior on the robotics team. She has been on the team since she was a freshman, and is excited to continue it into her senior year.

Weston Hughes

Weston is a senior at BUA. His interests outside of robotics include scuba diving and mathematics. He looks forward to another great year of robotics!

Danny Meyerhoff

Always curious of robots and mechanical engineering, Danny was eager to join Team 246 in 2010. He is currently a senior at BU Academy and has been a member since. He loves science and can’t wait to see how the FRC season pans out.

Evelyn Huang

Evelyn is a senior at BU Academy, and has been a member of the robotics team since her freshman year. Active in both VEX and FRC, her primary focus is mechanical design and build, although she does CAD, electrical, and outreach as well. Outside robotics, Evelyn is a member of BUA’s Science, Model UN, and crew team. She can’t wait for another awesome season at BU Robotics!

Oliver Jay

Oliver is a senior in his fourth year on 246. He focuses on programming, building, and CADing, both for VEX and FRC. He is excited by the direction the team is going in, and looks forward to seeing what the coming year will produce. Aside from building robots, Oliver enjoys programming, sailing, and singing.

Janina Huang

Janina is a senior at BU Academy. She helps with VEX, FRC, and general things, including updating the website, making videos, and other forms of PR work. Janina also writes for Academy Press and LitMag, and is in Drama Club and Model UN. She enjoys drawing, writing, and watching Disney/Pixar films.

Helena Pham

Helena (Lenni) is a senior at BU Academy and has been on Overclocked for four years. Her primary focus is Advancement Team work during the FRC season as well as general website maintenance. She participates in outreach projects and public speaking. In her free time she enjoys reading and listening to/making music.

Jordan Faas-Bush

Aside from being a real, live person, Jordan is a senior at BUA. In past years, he has worked mainly with VEX, but this year he plans to branch out and help program and build the FRC robot. In his spare time, he likes to program, play with logic gates, sail, bike, and imagine he can play some sort of instrument.

Owen Gillespie

Owen is thrilled to begin his fourth year with the BUA Robotics team. When he isn’t writing code or wiring robots in the lab, Owen is playing Ultimate Frisbee or running Cross Country. Owen can’t wait to stop referring to himself in the third person.

Michael Silver

Michael Silver has been on team 246 since freshman year and in the past has helped out with both design and construction. Michael is a passionate programmer who has experience in C++, Java, LISP (Scheme, Guile), and JavaScript, and has programmed for the CSAIL InfoLab under Dr. Boris Katz at MIT. Now, Michael mainly focuses on programming the robot, although he looks forward to being an active voice in the design process. Outside of robotics, Michael enjoys programming, Chess, the Japanese game Go, and playing the violin.