Robotics Permission Slips and expectations

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December 20th, 2016

To be an official part of the team all the kids at Kickoff should register in the STIMS system.  This also involves the parents.  Your child will fill out some information, but parents will receive an e-mail asking for confirmation to participate.

The lab is based at 110 Cummington St, in the basement of the BU Department of Mechanical Engineering.  Room B06

The lab is generally open on weekdays from 3PM to 6PM, and weekends (and holidays) from noon to 5PM.  This is of course dependent on mentor supervision.  Having said that, if you are a parent with a technical background and want to help out on the weekend, let me know.  We also need some parents to help out with the entrepreneurship aspects of our program.

Although the lab is open 7 days a week, we do not want students to be there that much.  The time commitment is similar to a varsity sport.  We expect new students to the team to put in between 6 to 12 hours a week.  It is okay for students to participate less, but they might not be part of the travel team.

The most important things for me are

1.  The kids are SAFE in the lab

2.  The kids are having fun

3.  The kids are keeping up with their academics.

We will have updates on our team calendar too.




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