Crowdfunding Update

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December 20th, 2016

We will be starting a new Crowdfunding Campaign this season in early January.

Students are asked to come to kickoff with a list of 24 friends, neighbors, and relatives whom they intend to get in touch with (e-mail, facebook, etc) to ask to help out!  We ask parents to not give themselves to the BUA Robotics Campaign.  Parent donations should go to the BUA Annual fund, which is turn does fund our program.  We are trying to bring in donations that would not normally be made to the BUA Annual Fund.

It is not live yet, but you can view last year’s crowdfunding site at this link. This is a Crowdfunding Platform rnu by BU in collaboration with Scalefunder.  All donation are tax deductible.

You will find that donations are made in multiples of $24.60!

Our goal this year will be $7380 which is $2,460 * 3

We will begin in mid-January.  We will end right before spring break.

Every 3 days we will try to switch witch students we are highlighting on the splash page.


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