FLL Competition

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December 1st, 2012

On December 1, our team hosted an FLL competition in our gym.

This year’s theme was Senior Solutions. Students researched ways to improve life for senior citizens in various ways, such as visiting nursing homes and interviewing neighbors, and researching possible solutions.

For the game itself, teams had to program a robot to do tasks such as picking up the correct colored medicine bottle, fixing a broken chair, and arranging quilting squares, with each task completed being worth a certain amount of points.
Earlier in the fall, we worked on building the various game pieces, and spent the Friday afternoon before the event and earlier in the morning setting up and preparing so that the event ran smoothly. Members of our team also contributed by volunteering as referees, judges, field resetters, etc.

As a team, we were able to work together to help give back to the community, and had a lot of fun doing so. It was great meeting everyone who came.
Thanks to all the teams that came and competed!

Congrats to the following teams for receiving the following awards:
Champions Award:   14280 Mass DM
Robot Awards
Mechanical Design 13131 Nanobots
Programming 3256 Mindfigures
Strategy 3532 Inhalderhead Sharks
Project Awards
Research 1263 Brainstormers
Innovative Solution 38 Knights of the FLL Table
Presentation 5628 Tinkers
Core Values Awards
Inspiration 1710 Youth of Today
Teamwork 13838 Tigerbots
Gracious Professionalism 5050 SWE Boston Girls FLL
Judges Award for Spirit of FIRST 11387 Waban Warbots

Coaches Award Lester Yee
Youth Mentor Award John Ferris
Volunteer Award Barbara Bratzle

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