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November 11th, 2010

On Thursday November 11, we hosted a FIRST Lego League (FLL) competition for Middle School students. Over 50 students attended, all of whom worked diligently to build their robots and come to our school for this exciting event. The playing field was set up similarly to the human body and each robot was programmed to perform certain tasks such as placing a cast on a bone or dispensing daily vitamins. The teams competed to see who could perform the most tasks correctly in two and a half minutes. Members of our team, team 246, helped the kids out not only by refereeing and judging the matches, but also by helping students get their robots in working order. It was amazing to see the excitement the kids had while working on and using their robots and the immense amount of teamwork and effort they had put into building these Lego Robots. These children really are the engineers of tomorrow. We had so much fun watching and helping these youngsters get interested and excited about science! We had one team, which due to paperwork issues, was not able to compete and so they just came just to watch. Thanks to our team, and their enthusiasm, they built a robot using our equipment and were even able to compete. Seeing their happiness and excitement made the whole day worth it. It was a great event and was a ton of fun. All team 246 members are looking forward to working with Lego teams in the future!

Here are some photos from the event

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