Train the Trainer Program

Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer programs extend the BUEE experience beyond the Boston area. These programs can bring the excitement and potential of experiential education into any city in the US or abroad. Completion of a Train the Trainer course will give your staff the skills they need to design and implement their own GPS Urban Adventures.

Train the Trainer package includes:

  • Research and design of an initial GPS-based program at your location, involving waypoints of specific interest to your organization
  • Half-day Common Ground or Adventure Teambuilding pilot program
  • Full-day facilitator training on activities and group development
  • Half-day of software, research tool, and program design training so that you can continue to grow, develop, and customize the initial framework to meet your own needs.

Much like a ropes course or other leadership training module, these programs can pay for themselves as you offer them to other groups in your community.

Train the Trainer is only offered outside of New England. Prices are based on location and availability.

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Coordinator of Experience-Based Training
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