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Facilitated Programs

Facilitated Programs

BUEE Facilitated programs are a great way to bring your group together or challenge them to attain the next level of development. These programs are generally half- or full-day programs, and are led by our talented staff of experiential educators.

There is a growing list of locations where BUEE is offering Facilitated programs:

  • Boston, MA (downtown or Back Bay)
  • Cambridge, MA
  • Newport, RI
  • Salem, MA
  • Massachusetts Bay-Greater Metro Boston—coming soon!
  • Your city? BUEE will design specific programs for your campus or city. Call for rates and availability.

BUEE Facilitated programs fit into two basic types:

  • Common Ground programs are geared toward groups who are meeting for the first time and learning their way around a new city. Activities are focused on icebreaking and catching the highlights of the city, and are generally more structured in format than other options. Students participating in these programs are not following a tour guide, but guiding themselves. Our facilitators will prevent them from getting too lost, while also providing teambuilding challenges and background information on the city.
    • Ideal for freshmen orientations, graduate program orientations, newly relocated employees, transfer students, conferences, etc.
    • Focused on groups at the forming stage of group development
    • Generally half-day programs (under four hours)
  • Adventure Teambuilding programs are geared towards groups that have been or will be working together in the future. Utilizing activities that focus on group problem solving, managing conflict, and defining operational norms, Adventure Teambuilding programs involve more student-directed choice about where they go, what and how many challenges they meet, etc. In short, these students choose their own adventure.
    • Ideal for residence life staff trainings, orientation staff trainings, business or management classes, office staff, etc.
    • Focused on groups at the Storming, Norming, or Performing stages
    • Half-day and full-day program options

Get in touch

Hutch Hutchinson
Coordinator of Experience-Based Training
E-mail: pjhutch@bu.edu
Phone: 617-416-5261