Residence Life Staff Training: Mt. Ida College

Residence Life Staff Training: Mt. Ida College

A quality residence life staff needs to be resourceful, interdependent, creative, and supportive. But the first building block is for them to know each other and practice problem solving in unique situations. This is where BUEE enters the picture.

As part of their August staff training, the residence life staff of Mt. Ida College rendezvoused with the staff of BUEE at historic Quincy Market. From there they broke into two teams and chose their own routes and challenges as they explored the city and got to know each other. At each location, a BUEE facilitator posed a challenge, sometimes physical, sometimes mental. By day’s end, they had seen the city, gotten to know each other on a deeper level, and sat together for dinner in the North End.


The students will collaboratively solve challenges and build relationships that they need throughout the academic year.


25 students in two groups.


Three hours.

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