Quarterly Forecast

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The Budget Office compiles and analyzes the data submitted in the Quarterly Forecast Process for review by Senior Leadership.  The Quarterly Forecast Process is intended to capture an itemized, concise summary of material net budget variances and the reasons for these forecast changes.

Submissions are processed via SAP’s Integrated Planning (IP) tool. This automated distributed tool allows us to start budget processes sooner and maximizes the amount of time areas have to submit.   In addition to the benefits that come with the length of time to complete the submission, efficiencies are also gained since most of the manual intervention to convert and upload spreadsheets now disappears.  We also have a more secure method of submitting and capturing this information. Instructions for the IP tool are located below.

We recognize that some areas may have a need to realign their current budgets in order to better track their fiscal position. Line item variances that do not contribute to the total income or total expense variance can be adjusted via the Budget Realignment Template which can be submitted at your convenience.

IP – An Introduction and Review Quarterly

IP – Unrestricted Budget Instructions

IP – Upload Submission File Instructions

IP – Upload Templates