Capital Planning

If a project meets the specified criteria, capitalization of projects can occur for both construction and internal use computer software.

  1. University Software Capitalization
    1. Beginning HTML>Please refer to Software Capitalization policy:
  1. Construction
    1. Capital projects must meet three criteria
      1. Cost at least $100,000
      2. Add value to an existing building
        1. Example A: Furniture does not add value to an existing building as it is moveable and can be moved to different buildings
        2. Example B: Paint, by itself, does not add value to a building. It is considered maintenance by itself.
        3. Example C: Renovating a lab, to include new electrical wiring, HVAC systems, finishes (flooring, ceiling, paint) etc. COULD be considered as adding value to an existing building and could be capitalized assuming it met the other criteria
      3. Have a useful life of at least 5 years
    2. Process
      1. Important:
        1. First, contact your department facilities coordinator. All academic and administrative departments have assigned one or more staff to manage facilities issues. Your departmental facilities coordinator is your primary point of contact when you need routine maintenance or trades services.
        2. Academic areas – For additional information, please refer to:
      2. Please refer to facilities service request procedures:
  1. SAP (Structure and Cost Accounting in SAP)
    1. If a project has funding (either departmental or central), and is approved by senior leadership:
      1. Project Executive / Owner submits a Master Data request for a capital account to Budget (“owner” is the department managing the work…Please note, if the department has used Facilities for planning and estimating as noted above, Facilities will be the Project Executive and will be responsible for requesting the Master Data in SAP)
      2. A WBS Element (a cost object, outside of departmental cost centers) within SAP will be created
      3. Costs will post to the WBS Element, not to a departmental cost center
    2. If department is funding:
      1. The department should move the funding for the project to GL/Commitment Item 599990 – Capital Transfer Out-CY operating
      2. Capital Planning/Budget will then transfer the funds to cover the project in the noted Fiscal Year

If you have additional questions, please contact Jeremy Hill, Associate Director, Capital Planning Asset Management.