Who should receive training?

The DARWIN System Implementation Project plans to implement a blended training strategy, combining different learning environments to feature role-based curriculum to guarantee comprehensive, ongoing education services to the Office of Development and Alumni Relations throughout the life of the Blackbaud eCRM platform lifecycle.

Role-based Curriculum

The DARWIN team will assemble a task/role matrix to define staff training sequences.  Once these roles and training units are identified using this tool, course paths and a scheduling strategy can be designed.  The curriculum map outlines the concept of layered role-based training.  In this model, horizontal blocks represent training courses to be administered to all end-users, whereas the vertical blocks represent curriculum tailored to specialized roles.  Once these blocks are defined by the task/role matrix, methods of delivery and training logistics can be planned.

DARWIN Curriculum Map

DARWIN Training Curriculum Map

Training Delivery Methods

DARWIN has several methods of delivery it can evaluate for each training course.  In addition to standard computer classroom training, online courseware is planned to be a primary tool for quality education delivery.