The DARWIN System Implementation Project training is underway.

Over the next few months, DAR will be transitioning to our new alumni and donor database, a constituent records management system.  To best prepare you for this change, we will be offering both helpful online tutorials and instructor-led classes.  Participants of these trainings will be provided with the knowledge, skills and materials to effectively use the DARWIN system.

In order to attend the instructor-led classes, you will first need to complete the two online courses, which are detailed below.  The DARWIN team will be using the Blackboard Learning Management System to manage the online courseware and the training needs of individual staff members.

Dates: Starting Tuesday, May 17th – both online courses:  Change Management and Navigation, are self-study courses that will be available on the Blackboard Learning Management System. Instructor-led Training will be conducted June 6th – August 29th.

How do I know what courses I need to take?

1. Go to: (This link is also located on the left hand side of the SharePoint, the DARnet intranet website, under DARWIN.) This link will allow you to sign-up for a course and access the course materials and tests.  You must complete this step in order to gain access to the DARWIN system.

2. Login with your BU login name and Kerberos Password.

3. Under “My Courses,” click on “Employee Learning Solutions.”

4. Click on DARWIN: The names of the courses in which you need to be enrolled will automatically display.

5. Click on the course link for the course you want to take – if it is an online self-study course, you will be automatically re-directed to the online course. If it is a face-to-face instructor-led course, you will be re-directed to the SharePoint site where you can select and sign-up for the class appointment through the SharePoint site that best fits your schedule.

Note: All users must take and pass the following three courses in sequential order BEFORE you can take any other classes.

  1. Change Management (Online)
  2. Navigation (Online)
  3. Constituents Basic (Instructor-led)

Registering for face-to-face, instructor-led courses:

Go to the DARWIN Training page on SharePoint. (This link is also located on the left hand side of SharePoint, the DARnet intranet website, under DARWIN.)

To register for a course, click on Upcoming Courses (list view) or Upcoming Courses (calendar view) on the left navigation bar (see image below).


  1. Select the course you are interested in taking and click on it
  2. Click on “My Registration”
  3. Click “OK” to register
  4. Once you are registered, you should see your name on the screen under “Course Registration List.” You will also receive an email telling you that you are registered for the class.

Document3If you want to add this class to your Outlook Calendar, on the top right corner click “Export Event.”

Once you have signed up for your course(s), they will appear under “Courses I am attending” when you sign into the SharePoint DARWIN Training Site.


Printed courseware will be provided at all face-to-face instructor-led courses. Digital copies of the courseware will be available upon request during training, and on SharePoint after Go-Live. The courseware will feature BU DAR customizations and specific configurations.


In order to complete most courses, there are short tests you will need to pass after each instruction session. The online tests can be found on the Blackboard Learning Management System. Passing grade is an 80% or above. In addition to taking the mandatory test online, test questions can be found at the end of your course material for reference if you would like to review the questions prior to taking the online test.  You will be able to take the tests as often as you like until you pass, so don’t worry!  Don’t forget – the DARWIN team is available to help and answer questions.

In order to gain access to the DARWIN system, you must complete all of your required courses and online course tests.