Project Timeline

Phase 1: Define & Plan (Jun – Sept 2010) – Complete!

During the Define and Plan phase, Blackbaud and Boston University will re-orient the project by reviewing and updating project planning details, coordinating Blackbaud and Boston University teams, and defining the working parameters to guide project communications and oversight. Blackbaud and Boston University work to define the solution requirements, plan the project timeline, and determine project resources.

Phase 2: Design (Jul 2010 – Apr 2011)

The Design phase of the project will define how Boston University’s business processes, functional and technical requirements will be operationally defined within the Blackbaud Solution. The implementation will focus on best practices within higher education and deviations from those practices may result in a change order.  The team will create and validate system configuration and business processes. 

Phase 3: Build & Test (Nov 2010 – Jul 2011)

Development and configuration of the Blackbaud Solution will continue during the Build and Test phase of the project and the workflows, functional, technical, and data conversion test runs will be validated and refined as necessary.

Phase 4: Deliver & Support (Apr – Sept 2011)

As the final phase of the implementation project, the Deliver and Support phase is structured to train all end users, implement the final converted Blackbaud Solution database, perform final data and system checks, install final versions of all interfaces, and deploy the new Blackbaud Solution to the Boston University user community. Once Boston University is live with the Blackbaud Solution, the Blackbaud project team will support the Boston University solution deployment for a period of 4 weeks and then transition Boston University to the formal Blackbaud Maintenance Support services.