Core Principles, Revenue Design Complete

in DARWIN News
December 17th, 2010

Acceptance of Core Principles and Revenue Design
On November 19 and December 14 of this year, Boston University delivered system design approval to our vendor for the Core Principles and Revenue business areas, respectively. Each of these approvals resulted from weeks of design discussions, decision sessions and functional workflow validations by DARWIN Process Expert committees, as well as the Core Project Team.

System Design: What is involved?
The Design phase will review six key functional areas that will inform the final design of our new system:

  • Core Principles
  • Revenue
  • Annual Giving & Marketing Communications
  • Alumni Membership & Events
  • Prospect Management
  • Donor Stewardship & Recognition


For each functional area, a design cycle progresses through the following stages:

  • Design Preparation
    Product sandbox configuration, development of session agendas and materials
  • Walkthroughs and Concepts
    Discussion of existing business processes and demonstration of product features
  • Configuration and Concept updates
    Product configuration based on business process discussions
  • Design review
    Demonstration of newly configured components within product sandbox
  • Validation and Unit testing
    Boston University validation and testing of configuration and business rules
  • Design team sign-off & Deliverable Acceptance
    Boston University process expert approval of vendor design


By the end of the design process, a clear picture will emerge of how our new system will work so that testing and refinement of the DARWIN program can begin. Over the next few months, teams of functional experts from all disciplines within Development & Alumni Relations and associated BU departments¬†will partner with Blackbaud designers to customize the eCRM product to Boston University’s business requirements.