System Implementation

DARWIN (Development & Alumni Relations Web-based Information Network) is a multiyear, multiphase effort to replace the current UIS alumni database and enhance the operating efficiencies of Development & Alumni Relations and its BU community partners. The DARWIN Project Team began planning for the Blackbaud eCRM (Enterprise Constituent Relationship Management) system implementation in June of 2010, and we would like to report that the project is currently on schedule to launch in the summer of 2011.


Throughout the project discovery process, Blackbaud and Boston University staff collaborated to identify key solution areas required to meet the growing needs of the organization. The results of these discussions focused on providing a robust Development and Alumni Relations CRM solution.

Boston University and Blackbaud developed a recommended solution that focuses on more than technology. The solution will provide support for business process improvement and best practices for enabling the continued growth and success of the organization.