Daivi Rodima-Taylor

Senior Academic Researcher, Center for Finance, Law & Policy
(617) 358-6772
Ph.D., M.A., Brandeis University
B.A., Tartu University

Dr. Daivi Rodima-Taylor is a social anthropologist whose research focuses on community associations and social security networks, migration, remittances, fiduciary culture, and financial inclusion. She is Lead Researcher of the interdisciplinary Boston University Task Force on Post-Conflict Remittances that was established to systematically analyze remittance systems in the contexts of forced and refugee migration and to study their developmental impact.

Dr. Rodima-Taylor has taught sustainable development and anthropology, and participated in international development work in the fields of microfinance, participatory planning, and community governance. Her longitudinal ethnographic fieldwork in Tanzania, East Africa concentrated on informal mutual help associations, including cooperative labor groups and rotating savings-credit associations, and their relationships with formal sector institutions. She is Visiting Researcher at the African Studies Center. She has published on the topics of remittances and post-conflict development; mutuality and informal entrepreneurship; land tenure and environmental management; gender and personhood; and institutional innovation and climate vulnerability.