Societies Registration Act of 1860


(amended through 1978)

Under the Microcredit Regulatory Authority Act of 2006, a microcredit organization in Bangladesh must be registered under any of five acts, one being the Societies Registration Act of 1860. This act governs the formation and registration of Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies.

The act is organized into the following chapters:

  • Societies formed by memorandum of association and registration;
  • Memorandum of association;
  • Registration of societies;
  • Fees to be paid to Registrar;
  • Annual list of managing body to be filed;
  • Property of society how vested;
  • Suits by and against societies;
  • Suits not to abate;
  • Enforcement of judgment against society;
  • Recovery of penalty accruing under by-law;
  • Members liable to be sued as strangers;
  • Recovery by successful defendant of costs adjudged;
  • Members guilty of offence punishable as strangers;
  • Societies enable to alter, extend or abridge their purposes;
  • Provision for dissolution of societies and adjustment of their affairs;
  • Assent required;
  • Government consent;
  • Upon a dissolution no member to receive profit;
  • Clause not to apply to joint-stock companies;
  • Member defined disqualified members;
  • Governing body defined;
  • Registration of societies formed before act;
  • Such societies to file memorandum, etc. with Registrar of joint-stock companies;
  • Inspection of documents; and
  • To what societies act applies.