SBS Resolution No. 808-2003 on Credit Risk


(enacted in 2003)

SBS Resolution No. 808-2003 (ResoluciĆ³n SBS No. 808-2003) on credit risk, issued by the Superintendency of Banking and Insurance, regulates the evaluation and classification of debtors in Peru. It establishes a requirement of precautionary steps that will be applied to companies of the financial system subject to credit risk, including cooperatives of savings and credit that are not authorized to receive resources from the public.

This resolution covers:

  • Types of loans available in the financial system;
  • Risk categories by type of client;
  • Loan-loss provisions; and
  • Collateral qualifying for lower provisions.

DISCLAIMER: Due to the fact that an English translation was unavailable for this regulation, information for this summary has been taken from secondary sources and not from review of the actual legal text.