SBS Resolution No. 775-2008 on Regulation of Banking Agents


(enacted in 2008)

SBS Resolution No. 775-2008 Regulation of Banking Agents (cajeros corresponsales), issued by the Superintendency of Banking and Insurance, governs banking agents in Peru.

This resolution applies to different companies defined in General Law No. 26702 of Financial and Insurance Systems, including banks, municipal savings and credit banks (CMACs), rural savings and credit banks (CRACs), and entities for development of small and micro enterprises (EDPYMEs).

This resolution governs conduct of banking agents by touching on the following:

  • Types of permissible offices;
  • Definition of banking agents;
  • Description of and operating cash dispensers;
  • Authorization to open, convert, transfer or close offices;
  • Other types of authorization; and
  • Reporting.