SBS Circular No. 146-2009 on Customer Service


(enacted in 2009)

SBS Circular No. 146-2009 on Customer Service, issued by the Superintendency of Banking and Insurance (SBS), applies to all financial institutions supervised by SBS as well as pension funds. It requires these institutions to establish customer service desks to receive inquiries and complaints and establishes minimum standards for processing and reporting.

The Circular is organized as follows:

  • Scope;
  • Definitions;
  • Attention to inquiries;
  • Information required by government entities;
  • System for handling complaints;
  • Complaints desks;
  • Manager of the complaints desk;
  • Management reports;
  • Procedures for receipt, processing, and resolution of complaints;
  • Completion;
  • Calculation of processing period;
  • Documentation archive;
  • Customer information;
  • Management indicators;
  • Dissemination through a web site of complaints received;
  • Communication of statistics;
  • Management evaluation;
  • Collective or industry mechanism for handling and resolving complaints;
  • Sanctions
  • Annexes;
  • Coming into force;
  • Transitional provisions.