SACCO Societies (Deposit-Taking SACCO Business) Regulations


(enacted in 2010)

The SACCO Societies (Deposit-Taking SACCO Business) Regulations of 2010, issued by the Minister for Co-operative Development and Marketing, provide minimum operational regulations and prudential standards for deposit-taking SACCOs in Kenya. The regulations include various prudential, operational, and reporting requirements.

The regulations include the following sections:

  • Part I Preliminary;
  • Part II Licensing;
  • Part III Capital Adequacy;
  • Part IV Liquidity and Asset Liability Management;
  • Part V Shares, Savings and Deposits;
  • Part VI Credit Management;
  • Part VII Risk Classification of Assets and Provisioning;
  • Part VIII Investments;
  • Part IX Financial Performance Reporting;
  • Part X Governance of SACCO Societies;
  • Part XI Regulation and Supervision;
  • Part XII Information Preservation and Business Continuity;
  • Part XIII Deposit Guarantee Fund; and
  • Part XIV Miscellaneous Provisions.