Regulation No. 11/1/PBI/2009 Regarding Commercial Banks


(enacted in 2009)

Regulation No. 11/1/PBI/2009 Regarding Commercial Banks, issued by Bank Indonesia, simplifies the licensing and reporting mechanisms pertaining to bank offices and provides added clarity to other regulatory provisions.

This regulation is organized as follows:

  • Chapter I General Stipulations;
  • Chapter II Licensure;
  • Chapter III Ownership of and Changes to Bank Capital;
  • Chapter IV The Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors, and Executive Officers;
  • Chapter V Opening of Bank Offices;
  • Chapter VI Bank Office Status Changes;
  • Chapter VII Bank Office Changes of Address;
  • Chapter VIII Division of Central Office Locations and Division Relocation;
  • Chapter IX Changes of Name, Logo, Form of Legal Entity, Articles of Incorporation, and Business Activities;
  • Chapter X Closure of Bank Offices;
  • Chapter XI Revocation of Business Licences by Request of Shareholders;
  • Chapter XII Sanctions;
  • Chapter XIII Other;
  • Chapter XIV Closing Stipulations; and
  • Chapter XV Amendment Stipulations.