Punjab Consumer Protection Act


(enacted in 2005)

The Punjab Consumer Protection Act is the consumer protection law of the province of Punjab, Pakistan. It mandates a duty of disclosure on behalf of the service provider, if information concerning the operation of the service provider would have a bearing on the decision making of the consumer. The act also provides for three separate bodies, District Coordination Officer, Consumer Protection Council, and Consumer Court, to deal with consumer related issues.

The act is organized as follows:

  • Part I Preliminary;
  • Part II Liability Arising from Defective Products;
  • Part III Liability Arising out of Defective and Faulty Services;
  • Part IV Obligations of Manufacturers;
  • Part V Unfair Practices;
  • Part VI The Powers of the Authority;
  • Part VII Consumer Protection Council;
  • Part VIII Disposal of Claims and Establishment of Consumer Courts; and
  • Part IX Miscellaneous.