Procedures Governing Electronic Banking


(enacted in 2006)

Electronic banking (e-banking) is defined as mobile banking, internet banking and phone banking. New and increased phone banking business should be reported to regulatory authority, while mobile banking and internet banking should get permission from CBRC. Banking institutions should manage the possible risk from e-banking, show customers risk of e-banking before contracting with them, guarantee data security in case of data exchange or outsourcing business. Banks should submit annual self security assessment of e-banking to CBRC and get on-spot tests from professional security teams.

This procedure includes nine chapters;

Chapter I General Provisions

Chapter II Open and Alteration of Electronic Banking

Chapter III Risk Management

Chapter IV Management of Data Exchange and Transfer

Chapter V Management of Outsourcing

Chapter VI Cross-border Electronic Banking

Chapter VII Regulation

Chapter VIII Legal Responsibility

Chapter VIIII Supplementary Provisions