Non-Governmental Organizations Registration (Amendment) Act


(enacted in 2006)

The Non-Governmental Organizations Registration (Amendment) Act of 2006 amends the Non-Governmental Organizations Registration Act of 1989 and provides for the following:

  • a) to modify the functions of the National Board for Non-Governmental Organizations to include monitoring the operations of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and developing guidelines for Community Based Organizations;
  • b) that a duly registered NGO should possess a valid permit issued by the Board;
  • c) that the requirement for registration under the Statute does not apply to organizations which elect to register under the Trustees Incorporation Act or the Companies Act;
  • d) that upon registration under the Statute, an Organization shall become a body corporate with perpetual succession and with power to sue and be sued in its corporate name;
  • e) to empower the Minister in an emergency situation to exempt an organization from any of the provisions of section 2 (Application for registration) other than payment of fees as opposed to exemption from the provisions of the Statute, as the law now stands;
  • f) to recompose the Board to make it more representative and to provide gender balance in the composition of the Board;
  • g) to make it possible in the absence of the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson at any meeting of the board, for the members present to elect one of their number to preside;
  • h) to expand the Minister’s power to make regulations to include prescribing the manner in which organizations shall be wound up when they cease to operate and also prescribing the duration and form of a permit issued to an NGO when it is registered;
  • i) to introduce currency point to represent financial amounts stated in act; and
  • j) to provide for other matters incidental to the foregoing.