Meghalaya Cooperative Societies Act No. 1 of 1950


(amended through 1976)

The Meghalaya Cooperative Societies Act No. 1 of 1950 provides an example of a cooperative societies act from an Indian State. Each state in India typically has its own cooperative societies act.

This Act is organized as follows:

  • Chapter I Preliminary;
  • Chapter II Registration of Societies;
  • Chapter III Rights and Liabilities of Members of Registered Societies;
  • Chapter IV Management;
  • Chapter V Duties of Registered Society;
  • Chapter VI Privileges of Registered Society;
  • Chapter VII Property and Funds of Registered Society;
  • Chapter VIII Audit;
  • Chapter IX Inquiry and Inspection;
  • Chapter X Settlement of Disputes;
  • Chapter XI Dissolution of Society;
  • Chapter XII Recovery of Sums Due and Enforcement of Obligations;
  • Chapter XIII Penalty;
  • Chapter XIV Jurisdiction; and
  • Chapter XV Miscellaneous.