Law on Banks for the Republic Srpska

Bosnia and Herzegovina

(enacted in 2003)

The Law on Banks for the Republic Srpska of 2003 provides the provisions that regulate banking entities in the Republic Srpska. The law is organized in nine sections. The following outlines the content of the law:

Sections I and II discuss:

  • Terms and definitions; and
  • Banks with headquarters outside the Republic Srpska.

Sections III and IV discuss:

  • Licensing and authorization functions of the banking entity; and
  • Capital and ownership issues.

Sections V and VI highlight:

  • Bank management; and
  • Bank operations.

Sections VII, VIII and IX describe:

  • Accounting issues; and
  • Bankruptcy and liquidation of banks.

Sections X, XII and XI discuss:

  • Penalties for fraud and violations of this law; and
  • Timeline for the law’s entry into force.