Law No. 11 Concerning Electronic Information and Transactions


(enacted in 2008)

Law No. 11 Concerning Electronic Information and Transactions, also referred to as the Electronic Transaction Act, adopts major provisions of the model law on e-commerce issued by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law. Special emphasis is placed on cyber crime and data security in Indonesia. The law also recognizes the functional equivalence of many aspects of e-transactions to those in traditional contracts.

The law is organized as follows:

  • Chapter I General Provisions;
  • Chapter II Principles and Objectives;
  • Chapter III Electronic Information, Records, and Signatures;
  • Chapter IV Provision of Electronic Certification and Electronic Systems;
  • Chapter V Electronic Transactions;
  • Chapter VI Domain Names, Intellectual Property Rights and Protection of Privacy Rights;
  • Chapter VII Prohibited Acts;
  • Chapter VIII Dispute Resolution;
  • Chapter IX Role of the Government and Role of the Public;
  • Chapter X Investigation;
  • Chapter XI Penal Provisions;
  • Chapter XII Transitional Provisions; and
  • Chapter XIII Concluding Provisions.