Government Gazette of the Hellenic Republic Issue, Law Number 3606


Law concerning markets for financial instruments and other provisions

– Credit institutions included (bottom of pg. 12)
– Provision for the Protection of Investors (pg. 40)
– Authorization and operating conditions for an Investment societe anonyme, a type of business classification referred to him in the law as an AEPEY’s
– Provisions for the protection of investors
– Rights of investment firms, including the freedom to provide investment services and activities as long as the firms are authorized and supervised by the appropriate authorities
– Establishes, and discusses rules of, Investment Intermediary Societes Anonymes (referred to as AEED’s)
– Gives market authorization to the Capital Market Commission
– Market Transparency and Integrity
– Powers of, and cooperation between, authorities. This most significantly details the relationship between the Bank of Greece and the Capital Market Commission.
– International Cooperation