Financial Services Board Act No. 97 of 1990

South Africa

(amended through 2008)

The Financial Services Board Act establishes the Financial Services Board which oversees the non-banking financial services industry in South Africa. The act is organized in the following sections:

  1. Definitions;
  2. Establishment of Board;
  3. Functions of Board;
  4. Constitution of Board;
  5. Persons Disqualified from being Members of Board;
  6. Vacating by Office members of Board;
  7. Term of Office of Members of Board, and Filing of Vacancies;
  8. Meetings and Decisions of Board;
  9. Executive;
  10. Committees of Board;
  11. Remuneration of Members of Board and of Committees;
  12. General Powers of Board;
  13. Staff of Board;
  14. Remuneration of Staff of Board;
  15. Acting Executive Officer;
  16. Funds of Board;
  17. Accounting Responsibility;
  18. Consultation with Minister;
  19. Rules by Board;
  20. Delegation of Functions;
  21. Annual Report;
  22. Preservation of Secrecy;
  23. Limitation of Liability;
  24. Restriction on Use of Name or Description Implying Connection with Board;
  25. Liquidation;
  26. Appeal Against Decision of Decision-Maker;
  27. Offences and Penalties;
  28. Application of Act;
  29. Amendment of Laws; and
  30. Short Title and Commencement.