Federal Law No. 135-FZ of 2006 on the Protection of Competition


(enacted in 2006)

Federal Law No. 135-FZ on the Protection of Competition prevents and restricts monopolistic activity and unfair competition in Russia. The law consists of the following ten chapters:

  • Chapter 1 General Provisions;
  • Chapter 2 Monopolistic Activity and Unfair Competition;
  • Chapter 3 Prohibition of Acts, Actions (Inactions), Agreements, Concerted Practices of Federal executive authorities, Public Authorities of the Subjects of the Russian Federation, Bodies of Local Self-Government, Other Bodies or Organizations Exercising the Functions of the Above-Mentioned Bodies, as well as Public Extra-budgetary Funds, and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation that Restrict Competition;
  • Chapter 4 Antimonopoly Requirements to Tenders and Peculiarities of Selection of Financial Organizations;
  • Chapter 5 Granting of State or Municipal Preferences;
  • Chapter 6 Functions and Authorities of the Antimonopoly Body;
  • Chapter 7 State Control over Economic Concentration;
  • Chapter 8 Responsibility for Violation of the Antimonopoly Legislation;
  • Chapter 9 Consideration of Cases on Violating the Antimonopoly Legislation; and
  • Chapter 10 Concluding Provisions and Coming into Effect of this Federal Law.

This is an unofficial English translation of this law.