Companies Act


(enacted in 1961)

The Companies Act of 1961 discusses the incorporation and regulation of companies in Uganda. Both commercial banks and credit institutions are registered by the Registrar of Companies mentioned in this act.

This act consists of the following:

  • Part I Preliminary: defining language in the act;
  • Part II Incorporation of companies and matters incidental to incorporation;
  • Part III Share capital and debentures;
  • Part IV Registration of charges;
  • Part V Management and administration;
  • Part VI Winding up;
  • Part VII Receivers and managers;
  • Part VIII Application of the act to companies formed or registered under the repealed ordinances;
  • Part IX Winding up of unregistered companies;
  • Part X Companies incorporated outside of Uganda;
  • Part XI General provisions as to registration;
  • Part XII Miscellaneous provisions with respect to insurance companies, and certain societies, and partnerships; and
  • Part XIII General.