Companies Act No. 18


(enacted in 1994)

The Companies Act No. 18 of 1994 provides for the registration of a microcredit organization in Bangladesh in addition to the other acts mentioned under the Microcredit Regulatory Authority Act of 2006. This act consolidates and amends the law relating to companies and certain other associations in Bangladesh.

The act is organized as follows:

  • Preliminary;
  • Constitution and Incorporation;
  • Share Capital, Registration of Unlimited Company as Limited and Unlimited Liability of Directors;
  • Management and Administration;
  • Management and Administration (continued);
  • Winding Up;
  • Registration Office And Fees;
  • Application of Act to Companies Formed and Registered Under Former Companies Act;
  • Companies Authorized To Be Registered;
  • Winding Up Unregistered Companies;
  • Foreign Companies Registration, etc; and
  • Supplemental.