Co-operatives Societies Regulations


(enacted in 1992)

The Co-operatives Societies Regulations of 1992, issued by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Co-operatives, address specific regulations for co-operatives societies. The regulations include the following sections:

  • Citation;
  • Registers of Societies;
  • Application for Registration;
  • Registration of a Society;
  • Certificate of Registration and documents to be supplied to a society;
  • Refusal to Register a Society;
  • Bye-laws of the Society;
  • Amendment of Bye-laws;
  • Transfer of shares of a member on his ceasing to be a member;
  • Nominees for interest of deceased members;
  • Limitation to number of members;
  • Records to be kept by a registered society;
  • Audit and Supervision Fund;
  • Copies of entries;
  • Voluntary division of society;
  • Estimates;
  • General meetings;
  • Annual general meeting;
  • First general meeting;
  • Duties of an annual general meeting;
  • Special general meeting;
  • Quorum at general meetings;
  • Chairman at general meetings;
  • Constitution of committee;
  • Eligibility for membership of the committee;
  • Duties of the committee;
  • Appointment and qualification of a Secretary, etc.;
  • Duties of the Secretary;
  • Duties of the Treasurer;
  • Renumeration of committee members, etc.; and
  • Delegation of powers